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ProFishNC Charters Fishing Report for Late Spring and Early Summer Fishing Chargters

June 3rd 2015: Cobia Charter Fishing

Late Spring and Early Summer Fishing Charters reports for Topsail Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Wilmington and Figure Eight Island, NC

There is an EPIC Cobia and King Mackerel Bite is on right now that is stronger than in years past!

Lets get to it:  Our Topsail Beach Fishing Charters and Wrightsville Beach Fishing Charters have been on fire the past three weeks (of course some days have been slower than others; however, overall we have really been catching some Huge Trophy Class Fish!).

This time of year we are focusing on King Mackerel and Big Cobia on our nearshore and offshore fishing charters.  For the

Topsail Beach Mahi Mahi Fishing Charters

King Mackerel we have been focusing our fishing efforts in the 3-10 mile range and are falling for a cigar minnow trolled at a slow speed.  These “Reel Screamers” are always fun and a Fishing Charter Favorite for many of my clients.   We always use Spinning reels spooled with Power Pro Braid along with a 40lb fluorocarbon leader tied to a Hank Brown Rig.

Our Cobia Fishing has been on fire with many caught this season, most of which we are catching sight-fishing.  Cobia can be found on fixed structures and floating structures and bait-balls.   I have a few rods with 8000 class spinning reels and 80lb braid ready to fly with an eight inch curly tail grub on a jig head ready to fly at all times.  Most of our larger cobia this year were caught sight-fishing using this tactic.


Inshore Fishing Charters:  Our inshore fishing charters are heating up with the red drum and flounder showing up in better numbers each day.  We have been using both artificial and live baits to tempt the Redfish and Flounder.   We fish away from the crowds in the calm secluded backwaters; which is not only better fishing, but better scenery as well.

For our Dads and Moms, we offer Kid Friendly Fishing Charters that appeal to the entire family, give me a call 

for the details or visit us at //


King Mackerel Fishing Charters

Our Fishing Charters are booking up incredibly quick this season with only a few summer dates still available.  Give us a call and lets go fishing!


Tight-Lines,Cobia Fishing Charters Wilmington

Capt. TrevWrightsville Beach King Mackerel Fishing

ProFishNC Charters

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Wrightsville Beach Big Cobia









Spring Fishing is currently On Fire!

Spring Fishing Report and ProFishNC Charters Fishing Forecast for Topsail Beach, Topsail Island, Figure Eight Island, Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach and Wilmginton, NC

Well folks, the Spring fish have arrived in HUGE NUMBERS due to the giant migration of bait that has occurred this year!  We are filling coolers with Atlantic Bonito, Spanish and King Mackerel “That we haven’t seen in over 30 years!”

Wrightsville Beach Offshore Fishing Charters including Near-Shore (Note: We Provide Offshore Fishing Charters for Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Topsail Beach, Wilmington and Figure Eight Island, NC):

If its topwater Tuna and Bonito action you want, now is the time for the top water action.  It looks like a National Geographic Special right now with the sheer volume of Bait and Predators and birds diving on Family Fishing Charters Wilmington, NCand in our near shore waters (within 5 miles of the beach).  We are both Casting and Trolling for the Bonito, F. Albacore, Spanish Mackerel and King Mackerel as all four species are feeding on the same schools of Baitfish and pushing them to the top of the water column.  

Spring Nearshore Fishing Techniques:

Always Remember… FIND THE BIRDS FEEDING It’s no secret; however, don’t be the guy that runs past the birds (ie; the BAIT) and over shoot the fish.When trolling, I am using YoZuri Deep Divers and Williamson Divers in 4’, 5’, 7’ and 9’ sizes (best producer this week was the Yellow with silver sides 7’ Yozuri deep diver a speed of around 6

kts). Topwater Tuna/ Mackerel Fishing:  When the fish get to the top and are “getting’ down” we switch to the 7’ rods on 3000 series reels spooled up with 30 lb PowerPro tipped with 30lb YoZuri Flourocarbon and a 2oz diamond jig. 

Topsail Beach Inshore Fishing Charters (Including Wrightsville Beach, Figure Eight Island, Carolina Beach and Wilmington, NC):

Our Inshore Fishing Charters are heating up as the waters warm.  Our water temp inshore is currently between 65 and 70 depending on the tide and your location inshore.Wrightsville Beach Charter Fishing Boats Tuna

Carolina Beach Inshore Fishing Charters (including Wrightsville Beach, Topsail Beach, Figure Eight Island and Wilmington, NC):

The Red and Black Drum are feeding well in the backwater esturaries and waterway docks.  We are catching the Red Drum on both artificial and natural baits right now.  I am using chunk and live baits on the deepwater docks and artificial swinbaits in the shallow backwaters.

Flounder Fishing Charters:

As many of you know Flounder Fishing is one of my favorites and I love to show folks how to boat these tasty inshore fish!  The Flounder have been feeding better this week as well with many caught in the mouths of our inlets moving into the backwaters.   A ½ - 1 oz jigheads with Berkeley Gulp NC Kids Fishing ChartersShrimp or Curley Tails will get them in theboat.  Just remember to bounce them non stop to get them to “Feel the Bait” with their Lateral Line (the organ on their skin that picks up vibrations in the sand).

Fishing Forecast:

Spring Fishing is Super Hot right now and should be through late May.   The Spanish Mackerel are moving in fast and will be the “Hot Nearshore Bite” for the next few weeks until the Cobia arrive.  You should be looking for cobia each time you leave the inlet as there have already been some caught!  Inshore fishing is getting better and better as the inshore bait moves in.  Go to your “go to” inshore spots starting now.   The Nearshore Bottomfishing is HOT and is holding Black Seabass, Flounder, Grey Trout, Porgies, Sheepshead and much more! We fish ALL of our area beaches including Topsail Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Figure Eight Island and Wilmington, NC Fishing Charters.

Tight-Lines and don’t forget to Take a Kid Fishing!

Capt. Trev

ProFishNC Charters

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Topsail Beach and Surf City Spring Fishing Charters update and Fishing Report

3/28/15   ProFish NC ChartersTopsail Beach Fishing Charters

Whats Happening Right Now:   Our water temperatures are climbing every day and and are currently at 59-60 degrees (perfect fishing temps for Black Seabass, Tautog, Porgies and a variety of Sharks!  The Red Drum are feeding as well and can be target in the surf zones right now.   The Black Drum are lurking inshore in the docks, inlets and backwaters looking for an easy meal.  This time of year I target/ Fish for Black Drum with clams and shrimp.   The bigger Seabass are moving back into the 3-5 mile range again (from the 10 mile range).  I am targeting the larger Black Seabass using glow jigs that imitate squid and bouncing them on the ledges and around our many nearshore shipwrecks and reefs.  Using good 'ol cut bait/ squid or bait shrimp will catch any and all sized Seabass right now!  On our Topsail Beach, NC Fishing Charters we are catching the Big Porgies which were here in numbers last week in the 5 mile range (they are a very tasty and rarely fished for "treat" we catch this time of early spring). The Spanish Mackerel will be here very soon; however, first comes the Atlantic Bonito (the

Offshore Bottom Fishing Carolina Beachedible variety of Tuna!).   The Atlantic bonito will here in a week or so and will be fun top water and sight fishing action! Note:  We fish all of our area beaches including Topsail Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington, Figure Eight Island and Carolina Beach, NC Fishing Charters.

Your Fishing Options:  Inshore the Flounder are moving in fast and the Giggers are racking them up.  The Black and Red Drum are feeding inshore, though they are still a little lethargic.    (honestly though, give it another two weeks for better action).  Around April 10 - 15 the Inshore Fishing Turns on light a LIGHT!   We will have the Big Bluefish (8-20 lbs) show up inshore along with hungry Drum and Flounder. Nearshore/ Offshore:  Right now the best game in town is Bottom Fishing in 45-75 feet of water.  I am using glow squid jigs (tipped with squid) and cut bait and live bait (caught with sabiki rig) on 7/0 Circle hooks and just enough weight to get it down to the bottom.   On our upcoming Topsail Beach, NC Fishing Charters we will be fishing MANY sight fishing trips for Atlantic Bonito, Spanish Mackerel and King Mackerel coming up in the next few weeks and going through the end of May.  If you have never casted to a breaking/ feeding/ busting school of tuna or mackerel 3 miles off the beach on light tackle, you need to give it a try. Dolphin Sight Seeing Trips!   We are blessed to have such a great migration of Dolphins in our 

are that we at ProFishNC Charters are now offering Dolphin Sight Seeing Charters for our guests.   This week was exceptionally great as this Dolphin Pod was about 3 miles offshore containing at least 500 Dolphin and they let us PET THEM!

Dolphin Trips Topsail Beach

Note:  We are booking up exceptionally fast this season (especially for sight fishing Bonito/ April 15-May30) and recommend booking your fishing charter sooner than in previous years… I guess the cold winter has anglers needing some fishing therapy! Feel Free to call me anytime to discuss your fishing options! Tight-Lines and hope to fish with You soon!Dolphin Charters NC

Capt. Trev Smith

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ProFishNC Charters Fishing Report 9/7/14Wrightsville Beach Fishing Barracuda

Summer Fishing Report, Fishing Methods and Early Fall Fishing Forecast

Captain Trevor Smith


2014 Summer Fishing Synopsis

In short:  Summer fishing this year was great with many days catching limits of fish and steady action “catching”.


Lets start with the weather and how it influenced the summer fishing season, fish movements, patterns and feeding habits.

Summer 2014 was an above average year for rainfall; in turn, slowing the inshore fishing activity (for many anglers) due to big fluxes in salinity and turbidity levels.   Red Drum, Speckled Trout and Baitfish are more affected by these changes and push toward the mouth of the nearest inlet to up the salinity to comfortable levels.   On the other hand, Flounder are more tolerate of the turbidity and salinity changes, thus not as affected by the rain water “washouts”; however, Carolina Beach Fishing Spanish Mackerellike most fish they follow the food source (baitfish). If the washout is dramatic and the baitfish move out for more than 8 tide cycles (2 days), you will find most of the flounder near the mouths of the inlets as well.   There were many days this summer with washout conditions; however, we continued to stay on the fish by following the fish tendencies due to weather.  A few more patterns I have noticed fishing washout conditions is the inshore fish (Drum, Trout, Flounder) will take natural bait on more occasions than presenting artificial bait.   I honestly don’t know why this is but if it works stick with it!  Just like fresh water fishing, after a rain the bite is HOT!   After a good summer rain shower or storm has passed… go to your “go to” spots immediately.   On many days this tactic will produce fish on otherwise slower days do to the intrinsically programmed need to feed in the fishes DNA (weather it’s the change in pressure or just an instinct to feed due to an impending change in water chemistry… I dunno J).  Offshore the washout rain conditions muddy the water (sometimes for miles and miles out) thus pushing many fish toward the cleaner water.   Find the clean water and find the fish!


Summer Fishing Tactics & Tips:

During our summer season we landed thousands of fish!  Below is an outline in short of a few of our successful methods this year.Wrightsville Beach Cobia Family Fishing


-Always have a large live bait on a balloon rig and on the bottom at all times.   I use a king live bait rig on the top balloon rig and a double 6/0 circle hook rig on the bottom with 100+ lb mono or flouro.


-Drift the live bottom and nearshore ledges with live mullet on a Carolina rig.   You will catch everything!  This year we caught many Cobia, a 200 lb tiger shark, nurse shark, Grouper, Trigger Fish, Flounder, Trout, etc on a FINGER MULLET drifting the right bottom.  Side Note:  I can understand catching Cobia on a finger mullet; however, I still cant get over a 200 lb tiger shark foraging on a finger mullet… lol


-Always jig a diamond jig on the bottom of your Sabiki Rig.   You will not be let down.


-Bring the “high-speed” trolling and bring it NOW!   I prefer the 7” Yozuri Deep Divers going 8-11 MPH.   I go as fast as the plugs will pull “true”.   We TONS of K Macks in the boat this year high-speed trolling.   Tip:  be sure the break in your split-ring is in the nose of the lure and “not in the knot”.


-Fish BIG BAITS in the inlets and channels.  You will be surprised how many Cobia and Big Sharks us the waterways and inlets for navigation.  I usually have a live bluefish or menhaden either light-lined or on the bottom.


-If you have three anglers on the boat fish three different methods!  One angler on a live bait Carolina rig, one angler on a jig head with a Gulp and one on a Diamond Jig.   You will up your catch ratio as the feeding patterns change daily!Fishing Figure Eight Island Flounder


Noticeable Changes in Summer Fish Patters from 2013 – 2014:

-No Nearshore or Inshore Octopus this year (Last Summer we caught 100+)


-HUGE influx of Cobia this year:  We have caught over 30 juvenile Cobia and 5-10 adult cobia:  Last year we did not experience this amount of cobia moving through nor did we experience a full summer duration.


-Gray Trout are larger this year on the nearshore structure (1-3 miles offshore); however, the volume of fish is down from last year.


-Sharks, Sharks & more Sharks!  This year was a bumper year for the Atlantic Sharpnose.   Sharpnose are normally prevalent in our waters; however, the catch numbers are noticeably up by over 100%.   Not to mention the numbers of nearshore Tiger Sharks we caught/ encountered right off the beach.


-A Million Sea Bass this year… Ohh wait a minute, that’s not a change!!  Come on DMF, lets lower the size limit and up the creel limit as these buggers are destroying our reef fish populations.   I am officially renaming the sea bass to “Reef Glutton” as every one we catch both small and large are so fat they are about to POP!


-2014 Oddity of the season thus far:  I caught a full-grown adult Flying Fish in a backwater marsh!  Still trying to wrap my head around this one!



2014 Fall Fishing Forecast:

Be ready as 2014 will be EARLY Fall Fishing! The mullet run is early, I caught a True Atlantic Bonito ALREADY, the yellow butter files showed up a month early, and last but not least… the rings on Saturn are wavy this year (J/K about the rings on Saturn J)

Our Fishing Charters include Fishing Charters in Wrightsville BeachFishing Charters in Topsail BeachFishing Charters in Carolina Beach and Fishing Charters in Wilmington, NC.

Fall is almost here and the fishing is HOT, HOT!

Give us a call, bring the Family and LETS GO FISHING!

-Capt. Trevor Smith

ProFishNC Charters


ProFishNC Charters Fishing Report for Southeastern North Carolina including our Topsail Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Wrightsville Beach Cobia Fishing CharterBeach, Figure Eight Island and Wilmington Fishing Charters.

Summer is Here and the Fishing is HOT !   We are currently catching a wide variety of species on our "combo" Fishing Charters.  We have introduced our Fishing Combo Charters which is a good mix of fishing techniques allowing for a widely mixed bag.   On our Combo Charters we troll for Mackerel, Bluefish and Tuna… Then Bottom Fish for big Offshore Flounder, Black Seabass, Silver Snapper… We jig for Grey Trout, Jacks and Cobia… Sight fish for F. Albacore, Spanish Mackerel, Cobia & Jacks...We can top it off with inshore or jetty fishing at anytime during the charter.    I have found that many of my clients prefer this mixed approach to fishing as it allows both a huge variety of fish, fun and lots of action!


Whats Biting Nearshore and Offshore...   Everything!   U name it and we are probably catching it.   We are catching big cobia sight fishing the buoys and bottom bouncing big jigs in the 3-10 mile range.   The huge offshore flounder are now running and we are catching them on both live baits and bottom jigs (Berkeley Gulp on a 2-3oz jighead).   Spanish and King Mackerel are here as well in good numbers as we are picking them up trolling YoZuri Deep Divers & Spoons.  Black Seabass and Silver Snapper are biting well in the 5-10 mile range picking up most of them on jigs and fresh cut bait on circle hooks.Topsail Beach Flounder Fishing Charters


Whats Biting Inshore…  Just about all of our inshore species including Flounder (we are having 20+ fish days most days), Speckled Trout, Red Drum, Black Drum, Sheepshead, Grey Trout, Bluefish, etc.   We are picking up most of our gamefish on artificials; however, live baits are key as well.  We are fishing a lot of backwaters right now including South Topsail Island Fishing the Inlet and Flats, Figure Eight Island Fishing Masons Inlet and the backwaters of north Figure Eight Island.  Wrightsville Beach Inshore Fishing includes Masonboro Inlet  and all of the tributaries and inshore fishing waters of Wrightsville Beach and Wilmington. Inshore Fishing Carolina Beach includes both the inlet, Snows Cut and the Cape Fear River.


A small sample of our "Go To" fishing gear includes but is not limited to:

YoZuri Flouro Carbon "disappearing pink"

YoZuri Crystal Minnow Deep Divers

BlueWater Candy Jigs (All Sizes)Carolina Beach King Mackerel

Berkely Gulp (Shrimp, Jerk Shad & Swimming Mullet)

Gamikatzu Circle Hooks

Shimano Rods & Reels

PowerPro Braid 20-100lb line


Our Summer Fishing Charters are booking up incredibly fast this season so be sure to give us a call and check out our new Topsail Beach Fishing Charters website & remember to TAKE YOUR KIDS FISHING!


Captain Trevor Smith

ProFishNC Charters

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ProFishNC Charters May Fishing Report Late Spring – Early Summer FishingKing Mackerel Fishing Topsail Beach

Our Spring Wilmington Fishing Charters including Topsail Beach, Wrightsville Beach & Carolina Beach are going STRONG!   Our Water Temps here in SE Coastal NC are from 67 – 70 Degrees currently and warming up FAST.


What fishing charters are HOT Right Now (a/k/a: Whats Running)

The Spanish Mackerel Fishing is on fire with large schools of fish pushing up the nearshore coast.   We are catching them on YoZuri Deep Divers trolling fast.

Atlantic Bonito are still around and falling for the YoZuri Deep Divers as well.  They are now a little smaller class of fish than the early run Bonito.

The Bluefish are so thick in numbers they are now a nuisance while targeting mackerel.  I found that speeding up my troll speed to above 6kts keeps the bluefish off my baits and focuses more on mackerel.Spanish Mackerel Fishing Wrightsville Beach

The King Mackerel are here now as well as we have been catching good numbers of them in the 3-8 mile range.  We are catching the Kings on both live baits (slow trolled) and YoZuri Deep Divers (the larger ones).

Flounder Fishing is Excellent right now…    We are now catching double digit numbers on many of our inshore charters and LARGE Flatties on our offshore bottom fishing charters.   I am using 1-2oz Spro Jigs tipped with Berkeley Gulp and fishing the tops of nearshore ledges and structure.  These offshore Flounder are in the 2-6 lb range on average!

Red Drum Fishing is Excellent right now as well.   We are catching most of our redfish in the backwaters around oyster bars and docks.   They are hitting both live baits and Soft baits on jigheads.

Black Seabass Fishing is still going Strong with most of my Offshore Bottom Fishing Charters catching huge numbers of seabass; though not all keepers, many go in the cooler.Bonito Fishing Topsail Beach

Cobia Fishing is picking up now with the migration of the bait fish that are moving up our coast.   The cobia are falling for both live baits and artificials (they are VERY Curious Fish).


We are currently running Offshore Fishing Charters and Inshore Fishing Charters for all of our local beaches and still have availability for our Summer Fishing Trips.  We fish for it all… so if you want to target a specific species or fish a certain technique just let me know and we will make it happen.   When you fish with ProFishNC, you can expect to do it all including Trolling, Drift Fishing, Offshore Bottom Fishing, Jigging, Sight-Casting, etc.

Check out our new Topsail Beach Fishing Charters Website!

Don’t Forget to Pass Down the Fun you had as a child and TAKE YOUR KIDS FISHING!



Capt. Trevor Smith

ProFishNC Charters

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Spring NC Charter Boats Fishing Report: 4/21/2014

ProFishNC Charters Fishing Report & Forecast April 21st 2014 (Happy Easter!)

As your typical Spring Fishing would have it, we have had many really awesome days filling the cooler and fish limits and some slower days where we pick up only 3 or 4 fish… all depending on the weather conditions. Rest assured, if we have had a stretch of rainy & cold days, the fishing slows a bit; however, when we get warmer days in the 70’s and nights in the 60’s the bite tends to be on FIRE!

I’ll break the fishing report down by beaches.

Lets start with our Topsail Beach Charter Boats. Fishing has been productive off the beach on our “Deep Sea Fishing Charters” (Deep Sea has a different context to everyone; however, we have been fishing 10 miles offshore lately on the 10 mile rock area and have been producing Limits of Black Seabass and some really nice sized Tautog). We are also seeing the Bluefish show up in good numbers with the Bonito right around the corner! Try Divers Rock in the next week for the first wave of these tasty Little Tuna. The inlet fishing conditions at Topsail Beach are a little tough with both inlets a bit tricky to navigate at the lower tides. We currently are Fishing our Topsail Beach trips out of Wrightsville Beach due to the easily navigated Masonboro Inlet. Inshore Fishing Topsail Beach has been good as well, though not as hot as Offshore Fishing. The big bluefish “Chopper Blues” have shown up this week with many caught over 10 lbs! I am catching the Big Bluefish on whole mullet (caught last fall and brined) with at 3/ot circle hook and about 5 inches of wire. Then to a swivel with an appropriate sized egg weight on the main line above (Carolina Rig).

At Pro Fish NC Charters Our #1 Goal is Having Fun Catching Fish!

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