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Wilmington Fishing Charters

Wilmington Fishing Charters: Catch Red Drum, Flounder, and Speckled Trout

Wilmington has one of the BEST Brackish Water Fisheries in the State via the Cape Fear River! The Cape Fear River Headwaters begin in the Piedmont of NC and flow out to the Atlantic Ocean between Baldhead Island and Southport. A favorite fishery among many of the Wilmington locals, the Cape Fear River routinely gives up limits of Red Drum, Flounder, Speckled Trout and Striped Bass (aka Stripers)! As is the case for the Beach Fisheries, Capt. Trev has fished the Cape Fear River since his early years and built on his knowledge of these waters through Internships and Work-Studies with the North Carolina Department of Marine Fisheries.

A message from Capt. Trev: ”The Biodiversity of the resident fish species in the Cape Fear River is unbelievable. There are very few estuaries in North Carolina where can you fish for & CATCH Striped Bass, Catfish, Drum, Flounder, Sturgeon, Sharks, Skates, Bream, Bass, Crappie, Spot, Croaker, Alligator Gar and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN within one mile of each other. The reason for this Incredible Fishery is the Cape Fear Rivers Ecosystem and the convergence of the Tidal Saltwater combining with the Inland flowing Freshwater creating a Mixed Salinity of Brackish Water. Geographically, the Cape Fear River contains numerous wetlands, sandbars, river cliffs, scarps, oxbows, flats, marshes, creeks, inlets, channels and backwaters. I remember back in my Fisheries Research Days pulling trawl nets during my time with NC Dep. of Marine Fisheries and sampling 3000 + juvenile fish larva that included 80 different species (both Saltwater & Freshwater Species) within a 100 yard sampling area in the Middle Cape Fear River. All in All: The Cape Fear River is a First Class Fishery and a Breeding Ground for many Saltwater and Freshwater Fish in North Carolina!”

Explore the Cape Fear River on a Wilmington NC Fishing Charter

There are MANY options when you fish with Capt. Trev on the Cape Fear River! Capt. Trev fishes from the Mouth of the Cape Fear around Baldhead Island and Southport in search of BIG Flounder and Red Drum all the way up past Down Town Wilmington in search of Big Striped Bass. The backwater bays of Fort Fisher at times offer schools of Red Drum by the hundreds which are easily caught by sight casting artificial baits and can really provide some non-stop fishing action. Capt. Trev will take you to his rarely fished backwater creeks and old shipping docks lining the Cape Fear in search of Monster Flounder and Black Drum as this estuary as a whole is teaming with life and Fishing Action!

After you fish the Cape Fear River with Capt. Trev., you too will have a new favorite fishery!! The unique complexity of the water in the Cape Fear River (turbidity, salinity and differing levels of clarity) allow for an endless quest for what YOU want to catch next!

Note: This fishery is available as an option for our Carolina Beach Charters as well due to the accessibility of the Cape Fear River using Snows Cut!

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