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Wrightsville Beach Fishing Charters

Check out this video fishing Wrightsville Beach Backwater for Chopper Bluefish (all on Light Tackle)!

Discover the Fishing Excitement of Wrightsville Beach

Capt. Trev has been successfully fishing Wrightsville Beach and figuring out ALL of its many hidden fishing spots since he was a teenager. Like most of our Southeastern coastline, the Barrier Islands of Wrightsville Beach have set the stage for some incredible fishing for both the Experienced Angler and the Family! If you are staying on Wrightsville Beach and have Dock access, Capt. Trev will pick you up at your dock to start your fishing charter.

Choose from a Variety of Inshore Fishing Experiences

Your Inshore Fishing options are numerous as Wrightsville Beach has a unique combination of extensive Waterways, Creeks, Jetties and the confluence of the two Inlets Masonboro Inlet and Masons Inlet, which allows for endless fishing options. This unique geography allows for you to choose what type of inshore fishing you want to do! From trolling for Spanish Mackerel and Bonito around the Jetties, fishing for Sheepshead on the rocks and bridge pilings, Flounder Fishing in the back-water creeks and inlets, Speckled Trout fishing along the marshs and deep-water holes to chasing the tailing Red Drum in the back bays! Due to the protection of the backwaters while fishing Wrightsville Beach, Capt. Trev guarantees no one will get seasick on any of our Inshore Fishing Charters!

Nearshore Fishing is at Its Best at Wrightsville Beach

Your Nearshore Fishing options off of Wrightsville Beach are just a numerous! Once we leave Masonboro Inlet Capt. Trev will let you know the best fishing options for the time of year, the current fish running and weather/ sea conditions. With years of offshore fishing experience to bring to the table, you options will include Bottom Fishing the numerous Shipwrecks and Ledges for Grouper, Black Sea Bass, Flounder and Snapper to Vertical Jigging Amberjacks, Cobia and African Pompano.

Trolling with Live Baits in Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach also provides a great opportunity to troll live baits in the 10 – 15 mile range on the ledges and hidden underwater prehistoric river channels for Mahi Mahi, King Mackerel and Sailfish! Throughout the summer months trolling spoons in the 1 – 4 mile range routinely produces Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel and Big Bluefish can provide constant action and excitement as well! In the spring, we have a unique opportunity to sight fish Big Cobia around the Jetties and Chasing the Enormous schools of migrating Bait Fish (Menhaden, Mullet and Thread-fin Herring) right off of the beaches as the Cobia make their way up the East Coast.

Wrightsville Beach Fishing is a prime example of some of the best fishing action and oppertunities that our Southeast Coast of North Carolina provides.

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